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In many countries, secondary school is a fork in the road where major career and life decisions are made. Many students become doctors because they’re told medicine has job security, but quickly realise they dislike dealing with patients; some decide to pursue journalism because they had a really nice 11th grade English teacher, not because they like writing.

We upload interviews of surgeons, engineers, musicians and much more, asking them important about their jobs, experiences, and lives so that students can learn from professionals and really understand what it means to be in that career. A few of the videos we’ve made are given below. We hope that an anecdotal insight into what a career  involves will be a refreshing break from the statistics and numbers they can otherwise easily found online.

We also offer interview transcripts of interviews that we couldn’t film. We’ve had notable guests like Ayun Halliday and Greg Kotis work with us, telling us all about their work writing plays and shows as well as comedy and more. Click on their names to view thinterviews.

Life as an Advertising & Marketing Executive


Life as a Performing Musician


Life as a University Professor (Economics)


Life as a Corporate Lawyer


Life as a Freelance Actor


Life as an Accountant


Life as a Software Engineer


Life as a School Teacher


Life as a Physician


Investment Banker (Analyst)


Intellectual Property (IP) Lawyer


Trading Funds Manager