Suicide Talk

In today’s society, teens are more depressed and anxious as ever. Because this phenomenon is so widespread, it becomes easy for teens to dismiss it.
Making jokes about the way we feel is a coping mechanism. Constantly bagging on ourselves and making jokes about how we ‘just want to die haha’ are ways for us to handle the overwhelming emotions we’re going through.
Still, this does not mean these issues aren’t serious. In fact, it might point to the complete opposite.
We have become so used to using self-depreciating jokes as a way to cope and we’re so used to watching our friends use them that we can’t tell the difference between who actually needs help and who doesn’t.
In addition, its become commonplace for us to tell our friends to ‘kill themselves’ jokingly. As if suicide is a way to solve all problems, big and small. As if suicide is a joking matter and is never a permanent ending.
The internet is crawling with edgy poems about heartbreak and anxiety and being depressed. They paint a picture of a beautiful girl crying in the dark. Later on, a boy comes into her life and ‘saves her’ and all of a sudden her depression is nonexistent. That is not real life.
Our generation glorifies and romanticizes and dismisses suicide because we’ve been told it’s not as serious as we make it seem. We make jokes and taunt each other without considering what might be going on in the background.
The glorification of suicide is a major problem in our generation that nobody seems to be able to face head-on. Too many of us look at it as a joke, as something to joke around with. Meanwhile, suicide rates are rising and our peers are screaming for help in the form of sarcasm and somebody needs to take notice.



I recently wrote a post about the VARK theory, or different types of learners: visual, auditory, reading and writing, and kinesthetic. Today, I’m going to talk a little bit about reading/writing learners.


Reading and writing earners are learners who, you guessed it, read and write when trying to learn. They prefer to read printed information.


You might be an visual learner if:

l You prefer to read texts yourself rather than be read to

l You take good notes in class

l You prefer studying alone in a quiet place

l You perform better on written exams than on oral ones

l You like classes with well-spoken teachers who use long, proper sentences


You might have identified with one or two of those characteristics, or you might have found that they all describe you perfectly. If you feel like you might be a reading/writing learner, here are some resources you can use to increase your productivity and be the best learner you can be.


l Textbooks

l Glossaries

l Lists

l Newspapers and magazines

l Verbatim notes

l Example essays

l Practice test sample answers


Reading/writing learners are not better or worse than any other type of learner, they’re simply different. If a teacher doesn’t know how to get through to you, someone else might.

Senior Ditch Day

Ditch Day (or Skip Day, depending on where you live) is when a group of students, or the whole class, decides to skip school for a day. The tradition is commonly practiced among high school seniors looking to have some fun before graduation. But, it can be kind of hard to find something the whole group wants to do. So what are some cool things a senior can do for one last hurrah with his or her friends?
1- A picnic in the park
Grab some friends and have a park picnic or a BBQ. One or two people bring the meat, another the grill. Assign someone to bring snacks and drinks and maybe a football to kick around. A speaker is essential as well. My friends and I did this for someone’s birthday one year and it was a lot of fun.
2- A day at the beach
Near the end of the school year, the weather is warm enough to spend the day at the beach. It might be empty since it’ll probably be a weekday and you and your group can have tons of fun splashing in the waves and building sandcastles.
3- Watch some movies
Take some time to compile a list of movies you all loved as a kid and then spend a day at somebody’s house watching them. Everyone loves a trip down memory lane, and what better time for one than just before the end of a large chapter of your life.
4- Take a trip to an amusement park
Some cities have really fun amusement parks where you can spend a day getting your adrenaline levels up. And, you get to scream away all the stress.
5- Do some community service
Why not spend a day leaving a lasting effect on your community? Organize a beach/park cleanup. Volunteer at a nursing home and make some senior citizens smile. There’s no better feeling than knowing you’re doing something good.
Ditch Days are a senior tradition, bit make sure you don’t do anything that can get you in trouble. Nothing would ruin your fun faster.