A Loss Overcome

If you’ve been reading the blog posts I’ve been posting for the last ten or so months, you probably won’t be shocked to know that most of my inspiration comes from real life issues that I face, or that my classmates face. I write about these issues because I feel they aren’t given enough attention, or because I feel it may be helpful for teens to know that there is a teen out there who understands them, who hears them, who wants to help. 

Never Grow Up

I never, ever believed the adults when they told me that one day I’d miss my youth. I always thought that being a kid was the worst phase of life and I rushed to grow up. Now I’m 17 and I find myself dreading getting any older than this. I’m not alone, though. I’ve seen many a teen complaining about the looming threat of their 18th birthday.

Lessons From a Graduate

I recently struck up a conversation with a guy who graduated from my school this past June. We got to talking about how different his life is now, and he told me some things I hadn’t actually thought about much.

1- He misses his family, a lot. He moved away from home to go to university. He’d always ached to get away, feeling trapped and wanting so badly to be independent. Now that he’s alone, he finds himself wanting to call home all the time and missing his family’s voices all day long.

2- Nobody actually cares in university. In high school, it’s all about who did what, who’s wearing what, what’s cool and what’s not. In high school there’s so much focus on pointless drama. In university nobody actually cares at all. Nobody cares about what you wear or what you do. Everyone is too busy trying to figure their own lives out to bother with examining you for flaws.


3-High school is not necessarily the best time of your life. For a lot of people, high school actually sucks. In university you finally get the freedom to explore. You get to find your passions, make new friends, discover new cultures and experiences. There’s no right or wrong way to go about becoming the person you’re meant to be, and university is the time when you get to do this.

4- The friendships you make in high school don’t always last. A lot of the time you’re only friends with certain people because you see them every day. As soon as you lose that connection, your friendship fades. That’s totally okay, but if you really want a friendship to last you both have to put in effort. University is stressful and it’s very easy to lose touch and never pick it back up again.

Everyone is so focused on getting to university that they don’t think about how big of an adjustment it might be. Take it slow, the time will come.