In my small classroom of high school juniors, one of the things we’re most confused about is extracurriculars. We’ve had multiple college talks, but very few of them ever mention extracurricular activities as something that’s important on a college application. As a result, a lot of us are left wondering.A few of us take the initiative and get involved in activities and organizations outside of school, but a lot of us don’t because were unsure of its importance and would prefer to focus our energy on something we know for sure will help us.

But are they important or not? Should I put aside time to work on something other than my academics? The answer is yes.

Seeing extracurricular activities on your college applications will give colleges information about you that your grades can’t. Being involved in one thing for multiple years means you are able to make a long term commitment. Sports show that you’re able to work well under pressure and in teams.


Colleges like to know that the students they choose to represent them are students who are capable of multiple things. Depending on the university and the program to which you apply, chances are they’d prefer to accept a student with a well-rounded application, a sort of jack of all trades In any case, having a lot of extracurriculars is unlikely to hurt your chances.

A student who participates in community activities is likely a student that cares about the welfare of others. Admissions offices love to see this quality in a student. Volunteering at a homeless shelter or nursing home are good options for students who are looking to better their own communities.

Student Council or something similar is a great extracurricular to put on your college applications. Activities like this teach students a variety of skills that colleges love to see, such as leadership skills, ability to work in teams, and ability to solve problems efficiently.

Getting started in an extracurricular isn’t hard. A simple Google search can lead you to loads of volunteering opportunities of different sorts. You could also follow a different avenue: speak to a guidance counselor, get advice from already graduated students, or start your own club!

Regardless of which you choose to do, make sure it’s something you enjoy doing. It’s pointless to add something to your application, something that’s supposed to reflect the kind of person you are, when you weren’t excited to dedicate your time to it.


Internships & Workshops

CareerFear will start offering two new major services in the near future.

At the moment, CareerFear helps students around the world by uploading interviews of people in different careers, so students can gain first-hand career experience very easily. However, as we’re growing rapidly, and are gaining large amounts of users from various places around the world, we want to branch out into other services, too.

As such, CareerFear has started partnering with companies and large corporations in the United Arab Emirates to help provide high school students in the UAE with internship opportunities. As we branch out into different countries around the world, we hope this service will be open to students in those countries, too. Soon, we’ll upload an ‘Internships’ page on our site, linking high school students to internships and possible work experience to compliment the career service we currently offer online.


Secondly, CareerFear is going to start hosting workshops. Through our large network of interviewee contacts, we will start inviting guest speakers to schools and universities around the United Arab Emirates and soon enough other countries, too. This way, students will get a chance to interact with these people in real life, as well as on CareerFear. These workshops will consist of – for example – a lawyer coming to a high school to demystify his job, and the lawyer may speak about what it takes to become a lawyer, what school subjects are important, important misconceptions high school students have, and then take questions towards the end of the workshop. These will be organized and hosted by CareerFear as an additional service we are choosing to provide as a non-profit service.

If you’re a company who’d like to partner with CareerFear, or a company that wants to offer students internships, or perhaps a professional who wants to share his career experience and give valuable advice to students at a CareerFear workshop, get in touch with

Join CareerFear!

A number of students from Abu Dhabi, Dubai to Sharjah and beyond have got in touch with me saying they want to help out with CareerFear. It makes me extremely happy to see that people enjoy the product so much that they want to help out grow the service.

CareerFear is made by teens, for teens. As such, due to popular demand, I invite students, all teenage users of our non-profit resource to e-mail me at and express interest in joining CareerFear’s team. We’ll be establishing chapters (branches) in every Emirate in the UAE; feel free to apply if you live outside the Emirates, CareerFear would be happy to expand internationally, too.

If you identify with our mission to help educate teens around the world, shoot me an e-mail telling me why you’d be a great addition to our team, and we’ll get back to you and hopefully offer you a place on the CareerFear team!

This is the first time CareerFear is opening itself to volunteers around the world, and is a bold step in the direction of national and international growth for CareerFear.

Thanks for expressing your interest through e-mail, the faster you express your interest in joining our team, the quicker we can get you integrated as an official member of CareerFear!

By applying to join CareerFear, you’d be taking part in community service – volunteering to grow a national non-profit into something that can help hundreds of thousands of teens from London to Delhi to NYC. All based out of our home in the United Arab Emirates.