Partnership with Flash!

Flash Entertainment, the international media giant, has partnered with CareerFear, endorsing and praising it’s community outreach and impact on students in the United Arab Emirates.

Flash is a multinational corporation based in Abu Dhabi and has hosted and planned events worth billions of dollars, attended by hundreds of thousands of people. Leading up to the 2017 Club World Cup, Flash Entertainment seeks to promote youth engagement and community outreach and has chosen to work with CareerFear to do this.

CareerFear is happy to announce that they will be working with Flash to give students internship opportunities and career experience as a reward for promoting community engagement with major sporting and entertainment events in Abu Dhabi, and indeed the UAE.

The relationship promises to grow larger and more promising, as CareerFear seeks to dominate the online career market in the MENA region, being of meaningful use to thousands of students in the process. Its partnership with Flash will be instrumental to its success in the region, and is sure to be mutually beneficial for both organizations.


CareerFear is an excellent resource to use to learn about careers by yourself, but it shouldn’t be the only one.

CareerFear is tailor-made for the general high school population in the United Arab Emirates, and as such caters to a wide range of readers and users in the Emirates. It will be a wonderful introduction to the idea of work for younger students, and a thorough resource to be diligently exploited by the older students. However, once you’ve used CareerFear to seriously consider a field – say, becoming a Doctor – go on learn more! In the UAE, we’re blessed to have access to an array of resources to obtain hands-on experience in many fields. In fact, the Abu Dhabi Government and Dubai Government are superb at promoting youth development on this front. If you’re interested in becoming a Doctor, use the internet to find out about all the different types of Doctors that exist – there’s a variety of choices, from Heart Surgeons to X-ray analysts to Pharmacologists. No one website will ever be large enough or detailed enough to give you all you need to know about the career you love.

If you want to use your summer productively, send an e-mail to a hospital, or a researcher at a local university asking them if you could shadow them, or intern at the hospital. You learn exponentially more gaining hands-on experience about your field and interacting with people genuine interested in your field than you ever could online. So do make sure to gain work experience via internships, summer jobs, volunteering etc. at the workplace you’re considering.

In our interviews, we often ask what the biggest misconception is about the job of the person we’re interviewing. We do so because people who don’t know much about the job have ideas from glamorous TV shows or books, which can be very misleading. In this vein, doing actual work experience will showcase what the job is really like, and it may be different than you think.

Our mission at CareerFear is to give you enough information to get you inspired and excited about a job, so you can go on and look further into it yourself. We are still in our young stages as a non-profit platform, and will be adding new interviews and information to all our pages multiple times every week. We are set to upload five or so more interviews next week, of people ranging from Advertising Executives in Abu Dhabi to Head Chef’s in Dubai.

Put yourself out there, the UAE really is an oasis for us students, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how much people want to help you make the right career choice. Hope this helps.

Summer – Career Thinking

As my GCSE’s are starting to wrap up, I can happily say that in a week or so, it will be summertime! Summer is for travel, summer is for fun, summer is for rejuvenation. I’m certainly looking forward to it, and I’m sure you are, too.

Since summer tends to be peaceful and a laid-back time of year, we should use it to sit back, and reflect on where we’re going. Especially since college is on everyone’s mind, people start to try and acquire work experience and career insight in a mad rush to impress colleges or find a major they would enjoy. This isn’t right.

I encourage all students to start thinking about careers from Freshman Year (Year 10), and actively looking into careers that interest them. We’ve said it many times on the site – CareerFear – while a key resource – shouldn’t be your cripple when it comes to making important decisions about your future. If a career interests you, summer is the perfect time to try it out! Work experience and career thinking go hand in hand, so whether it’s working at McDonalds, interning at a law firm or volunteering for a local hospital, you’ll learn important things about working in the real world and find out more about yourself in the process.

I hope to announce a partnership with DubaiMinds – a service linking high school students in the UAE to work internships. They are an organization with similar interests and goals as CareerFear, and I see the two non-profits sharing a mutually beneficial symbiosis in the future. But – while this isn’t confirmed or official to any extent year – I do recommend you look them up for more information.

Use your summer well; travel, party, chill, relax – but also use it as a time to sort yourself out so you’re organized and ready for your future. One e-mail to the organization you’d like to intern with/work with over summer is all it really takes for you to make it happen. So make it happen. Hope this helps.


Career Storytime

Yesterday, I met someone special. Truly interesting. His career path was amazing; let’s call him James. James had an eidetic memory. It’s similar to photographic memory in that it lets you recall things with great detail. However, it doesn’t just apply to visual memories like photographic memory does, people with eidetic memory (Sheldon Cooper) can recall smells and sounds in great detail, too.

James told me all about his career path and how his careers changed over time. After graduating from high school, James decided to go to a college near him, and he got six, yes six! degrees. He got degrees in things like Robotics, Aerospace engineering, and studied Pre-med, too. Then, for graduate school, he went to Harvard, where he not only went to Harvard Med School to get an M.D. (Medical Doctor Degree), J.D (Law degree), AND he studied EECS at MIT, which is near Harvard (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science). This guy is what’s known as a polymath; James is in a way like Leonardo Da Vinci, who was an artist and scientist. James’ gift then took him to London to finish his post-seconday education, which included a doctoral degree, and his residency to become an actual Medical Doctor.

James recalls that his educational career has been ‘stressful’ but also ‘rewarding’. Obviously very few of us are like James, but I think we can all take something from this story about his career path; he had a gift and really did exploit it completely. James absolutely made sure he got the bang for his back for his IQ. We may not all be gifted with eidetic memory, but we sure can exploit every shred of intelligence we do have, because in a fight between work ethic and raw talent, work wins every time.