Join CareerFear. If you want to be part of a dynamic, ambitious group of teenagers that want to give back to the community, you’ve come to the right place. The following positions are available; as soon as they are filled, they are taken off this page. Click on the links below to fill out an application that’s sent to us, and we’ll get back to you. Note that there are no ‘qualifications’ you need, aside from some free time, an internet connection, and a burning desire to do good. However, we encourage you to demonstrate why you think you’re an awesome fit for the position you’re applying for to be taken seriously. It does not matter where you live; CareerFear has a global following, and the internet has revolutionized how we can contribute to the international student community.

One of the pillars of CareerFear are our interviews that helps teens see the realities of different jobs. This post would involve finding competent, experienced interviewees, and co-ordinating recording dates and locations with our team around the world.

Another pillar CareerFear is built on is the Workshop. We invite professionals to speak at schools and share their career experiences with students around the world. This position would involve working with our team around the world to find people and schools to set up workshops at, and to make sure they run smoothly.

CareerFear prides itself on connecting students to internships and work experience opportunities. This post would involve reaching out to companies and universities to partner with, to help teens who use CareerFear find a way to get hands-on career experience. It would also involve making sure internships run smoothly, and are beneficial for the student and company.

CareerFear is a large non-profit. As such, we require funds to continue helping people. This person would be responsible for co-ordinating the donation process with individual or corporate donors, and for seeking and handling funds.

Before our interviews are put up, they are edited and combed through to ensure they are of the highest standard. If you have video editing experience, this position could be for you.

As teens, we’re all individually very active on social media. It’s also an outlet where we can spread our message, and find more people to help find their dreams. If you are intimately familiar with social media, and can commit the time to keep on top of CareerFear’s social media outlets, this post is for you.

We post messages about upcoming events, interesting career thoughts and stories, and other relevant information on our blog. If you’re an excellent writer who is interested in a short daily commitment, this position is for you.


However, these aren’t the only ways you can get involved with CareerFear. Right now, we work to host workshops and connect students to internship opportunities in many cities around the globe. However, there are many places that can’t yet benefit from CareerFear. If you want to start a branch in your school or area, click here. Alternatively, use this link to get in touch with us and we can guide you through the process!

You can also reach out to us and share your career fears, ambitions, goals and dreams. If someone you know doesn’t know their passion yet, send them to us so we can help them build their dreams