Alvin Tse is a fiery, passionate 16 year old who serves as our Chief Communications Officer from our Hong Kong branch.

He spends his time reaching out to expand the business by contacting industry professionals around the world, as well as trusted individuals that he believes has the grit, heart and motivation to help students around the world.

Not knowing how, Alvin grew up with multiple passions, not knowing which he should pursue. A keen musician, a science whiz and an aviation enthusiast with an interest in teaching, Alvin has never been sure of what he wants to do. In an act of ambition and spontaneity, Alvin founded the travel site Young Travelers of Hong Kong in 2013, which serves as an aviation and travel site dedicated to helping travelers make the optimal travel choices based on “tried and tested” reviews, as well as analysing market standards.

Alvin realises that the best way to pursue and consolidate a passion is by taking initiatives. Joining the CareerFear team in mid-2017, Alvin aspires to help teens around the world connect with industry professionals, enrich their understanding through internships, as well as innovate by creating their own platforms where they get to directly interact with the industry.

Alvin also runs an NGO named Lilypad, where high school students have an opportunity to mentor younger buddies aged 6-8, reading books and doing activities that revolve around their subjects. Alvin wants to allow younger children to start understanding the world around them and delve deeper into their passions from a younger age.

Yet, through all this, he’s still a 16-year-old aspiring mechanical engineering student that’s trying to navigate his way into the future.