Christian Luu serves as the Head of Media with his extensive knowledge in digital arts and multimedia.

Before studying in the States, Christian only had a sniff of what real engineering is in Vietnam – only using 3D Printers and laser cutters here and there, some computer-aided-modelling (CAD/CAM), and some simple pen and paper work. Since coming here, Christian has fully immersed himself in the opportunities provided. He now spends half his life living, sleeping, studying, and eating in the school’s fabrication lab – it’s a home away from home, away from home.

He often spends his time with friends and soon-to-be-friends encouraging them to try out Robotics and Engineering, showing them awesome things Science and Robotics can produce. Christian tends to incorporate his interests to the things he does; especially with his “Greengineer” project (which stands for “green” and “engineering”). Working since early 2017, Christian has been working with a partner to create a one day program for underprivileged students in Vietnam to get their first taste in Environmentally conscious engineering and environmental science.

From his love for technology, engineering, robotics, computer science, and digital arts, Christian knows that CareerFear’s goals in empowering the younger generation serves fits in with his end goal.