Edward Garemo, an ambitious and academic 17 year old serves as our Chief Operating Officer.

He works to help make CareerFear a resource which teens the world over can use to help discover the right career for them.

A few words from the man himself:

When Tanishq came to me telling me about his idea, I was immediately intrigued. I began launching question after question at him, becoming more and more captivated with every response. Having myself struggled to find a service like the one he was describing I understood that the demand existed; when he later approached me asking me to join him in his efforts I jumped at the chance.”

Since then Edward has helped shape the strategy of the organisation, working closely with the other members of the leadership team. In addition to helping shape the overall vision of the organisation, Edward also heads the UAE branch organising workshops and internship opportunities for youth in the country.

Edward loves anything to do with technology, two of his main strengths being Mathematics and Physics. Outside of school he loves to sail and read, both activities which help him relax.