CareerFear was founded in 2015 by Tanishq Kumar, who now leads the organization as our Chief Executive Officer.

Noticing that many high schools and Universities have a lackluster career department, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

At the helm of our leadership team, Tanishq serves as the Chief Executive Officer at CareerFear. His role involves working with all the members of the organization, co-ordinating workshops and fundraising events in 11 cities around the world, as well as improving on our site, which has had over 10,000 hits. 

Tanishq believes CareerFear has the potential to expand to have branches in every continent before he leaves high school: he aims to have added real value to the lives of over 50,000 students around the world by that time.

Proud that CareerFear has been of meaningful personal use to over 5,100 teens, he is confident the company can grow to help many thousands, if not millions, more. Tanishq hopes the initiative will inspire other youth to use community service as a supplement to their school education to learn about things by doing. He explains how starting and running CareerFear has taught him things school never could: from the basics of corporate law to SEO to to writing HTML/CSS. He says he feels privileged to have learned all kinds of things while having the opportunity to serve others.

Tanishq is 17 years old, and now goes to school in London. At school, Tanishq enjoys Biology and Computer Science, in particular. At University, Tanishq hopes to study these further, and then wants to pursue a career in Biotech entrepreneurship, fusing the rigour of scientific endeavour with the practicality entrepreneurship enables. He also enjoys playing Golf, to read non-fiction, and to hang out with friends at the beach on warm summer days .

Overwhelmingly, though, he’s just another teenage boy trying to find his way in the world.