Snap, Facebook, Instagram were all started by some hopeful programmers. Coding is the future, and so if you enjoy your Computer Science lessons, click below to find out about your potential future as a programmer.

Average Salary for a Programmer: $2,812 /Month

Average Salary Overall: $3,248 /Month

Average Working Hours (Weekly) for a Programmer: 45

Average Working Hours (Weekly): 48

Important School Subjects:

  • Computer Science
  • Coding
  • Maths
  • Physics

Are you:

  • Logical?
  • Determined?
  • Patient?

What you need to do:

  1. Graduate from high school
  2. Go to college/uni to get a degree in Maths or Computer Science (Bachelors)
  3. (Optional) Go to graduate school for few more years to get a masters or doctoral degree
  4. Work work work – experience is key for a programmer

Famous Programmers


Woz. Steve Wozniak is the genius being Apple. Steve Jobs is normally (rightfully) given credit for founding Apple, though many people forget that Woz was at the heart of it all, too. Steve Wozniak actually wrote the code that was on the first Macintosh. He’s a multi-billionare, too now (obviously) as a result of Apple’s success. To learn more about the Wizard of Woz, click here.


Grace Hopper was a famous computer scientist and US Navy admiral. She was one of the first programmers ever, and was a big part of the first computers ever to be used: the ENIAC. She also invented the first compiler (a program which changes the code you see on screen into 1s and 0s on the computer). Whenever you hear a techie say there is a “bug” in the computer, it’s because of her – she coined that term. Learn more about ‘Amazing Grace’ here.


Mark Zuckerburg is now a household name. He studied Psychology as well as Computer Science at Harvard before dropping out (we’re starting to see a suspicious trend here) to seriously pursue Facebook full time. His extensive knowledge of code and programming gave him the tools to build this service, which has now impacted billions and made him billions, too. Learn more about Mark Zuckerberg here.

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