University Professors learn, research and teach for a living. They live an interesting life, contributing to human knowledge. Click below to find out about your future as a Professor.

Average Salary for a Professor: $9,618/ Month

Average Salary Overall: $3,248/ Month

Average Working Hours (Weekly) for a Professor: 61 Hours

Average Working Hours (Weekly) Overall: 48 Hours

Important School Subjects:

  • Doesn’t matter
  • as long as you
  • love studying the subject
  • you’re going to profess in

Do you:

  • Love learning?
  • Want to do research and lots of thinking?
  • Enjoy teaching others what you know?

What you need to do:

  1. Graduate from high school
  2. Go to College for 3-4 years to get your first degree (Bachelors)
  3. Go to Graduate School in your specific field for another 3-7 years (Masters/PhD)
  4. Start to work at a University as a Post Doctoral Student, do research, become an Assistant Professor over time.

Famous University Professors


Author of ‘A Brief History Of Time’ and famous Scientist, Stephen Hawking is perhaps the most famous University Professor alive. His work on Black Holes is revolutionary, and he also used to be a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge. You can read more about this brilliant scientist, professor and icon here.


Wolverine, Storm, Jean Gray: Wolverine, Storm, Jean Gray and many more. Professor X is a main character in the ‘X-men’ movies. He has strong telepathic powers, and he chooses to lead and teach mutants the right way to use theirs. His good intentions and wise nature make him seem like the stereotypical professor. Learn more about him here.


Albert Einstein was a genius. He developed the famous Theory of Relativity, and was given a Nobel Prize for his work. He was a professor of Theoretical Physics, and now an iconic scientist. As with most famous and accomplished scientists, he was part of the faculty at a University while doing his seminal work. Click here to read more.

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