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CareerFear is a non-profit organization created to help teens find their ideal careers and make smarter choices about their futures. Millions of students around the world don’t know what career they want to pursue in their lives; we’re trying to change that. Choose your favorite subject from the top, start crafting your future.

Our mission is to empower and encourage youth to take charge of their futures, to give students resources and opportunities previously out of reach, and to equip the world’s students to realize their ambitions and change the world.


CareerFear is a resource I’ve recently started using. I’ve found it awesomely helpful: it really reveals the actual realities of different jobs.

Elizabeth Guiffra, 16, Student, New York

A wonderful resource for students and certainly one I will recommend when I am working with students!

Fiona McKenzie, Educational Consultant, England

A lot of us are pressured by parents to decide on our future plans, and I think that CareerFear helps us choose jobs for the right reasons.

Jacob Yang, 17, Student, Hong Kong



71% of high school & sixth form students do not know what they want to study at university. Why is this? We just don’t know enough about the opportunities available. Do you know what an engineer does every day? What a doctor regrets about his career in medicine? What are the biggest misconceptions about becoming a musician? Neither did we – that’s what CareerFear is for. Whether you’re a Year 12 in London, a middle schooler in Dubai, or a senior student in Hong Kong you’ll find CareerFear a helpful tool.



CareerFear was created to help thousands of teenagers and students around the world. And that’s what we do. But we’re not a Charity in the normal sense of the word; we brand ourselves as a social enterprise with a start-up vibe. We have a C-Suite team of leaders, are constantly looking to pivot our business model, and think of ourselves more as employees than volunteers, even though our singular focus is adding value to the lives of millions of teens around the world. Many of our ’employees’ gain valuable insights into the world of Entrepreneurship in the process of helping grow this non-profit organization.


CareerFear is here to ignite action. We want to give you the information and opportunities you need to redefine your future, free of any pressures. On this site, you can explore a hundred lives from the comfort of your bedroom; we document information about different jobs so you can watch, learn, and have fun doing it. We invite people from all sorts of jobs to come speak at schools so students can see what it really takes to succeed. Finally, we connect teen students to internship opportunities so they can get a taste of the ‘real world’. This platform is the first of it’s kind to be tailor-made by teenagers, for teenagers.



92,120. That’s the number of hours the average person works in their life. Not minutes, hours. That’s a lot of time. CareerFear is here to ensure that you enjoy each and every single one of those hours, and you spend them doing something you enjoy, so you don’t look back thinking ‘what if?’ later on. All of us are capable of greatness, but that can only be achieved by doing what we love. Learning more about careers now will ensure you’re set on the right path. After high school, most of us will head to university. Why? I don’t know. That’s for you, and you alone to decide. But we’d like to be a part of your story.