Many people have access to a variety of higher education opportunities provided by their secondary schools’ robust careers/HE departments; but millions lack access to these transformative resources. This puts these students at a disadvantage when competing for jobs, university spots, and more, and has a ripple effect throughout life. CareerFear is an international nonprofit organisation promoting social mobility by fighting this educational inequality. We do this by working with disadvantaged secondary school students that lack careers departments and counselling at their school.

MISSION STATEMENT: To empower disadvantaged secondary school students by equipping them with careers resources, guidance and opportunities previously out of reach, and to help the world’s student body to make more informed career decisions. 


A much-needed resource, and one that I will strongly recommend when I am working with my own students!

Fiona McKenzie, Educational Counsellor, London

As an aspiring biochemist, CareerFear offered me a chance to see real cancer research being done. I would otherwise never have had that opportunity.

Jeannine, 16, London

Amazing– privilege shouldn’t dictate quality of education! I wish someone had done this when I was at school.

Jonathan Wasserberg, Speaker, Abu Dhabi

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71% of secondary school students do not know what they want to study at university. For many students this is exacerbated by lack of access to careers guidance and work experience, which are becoming increasingly inaccessible in many communities. This insulation of opportunity can often contribute to the cyclical and unforgiving grip of inequality as far down the line as in the workplace. This is the problem.


CareerFear offers three main services. On this site, you can explore some of our career interviews on our online library. We also invite industry leaders from all sorts of backgrounds to come speak at secondary schools so all students can meet, learn from, engage and network with people they may otherwise never have met. Finally, we connect talented students to internship opportunities where wealthier pupils are typically over-represented.  CareerFear has registration number 11280125.