In underserved communities, secondary school students lack careers departments and counselling at their school, and struggle to get access to internships and work experience. This puts them at an enormous disadvantage when competing for jobs, university spots, and more, and only has a snowball effect keeping them behind in life. More broadly, students around the world often face familial and societal pressures, and make pivotal careers decisions misinformed. At CareerFear, we’re trying to help solve these problems to empower hidden talent around the world.

MISSION STATEMENT: To empower disadvantaged students by equipping them with careers opportunities previously out of reach, and to help the world’s student body to make more informed career decisions. 


CareerFear is especially helpful because it’s run by teens, who know exactly what I’m struggling with when thinking about career choices.

Elizabeth Guiffa, 16, Trinity School, NYC

A much-needed resource, and one that I will strongly recommend when I am working with my own students!

Fiona McKenzie, Educational Consultant, London

I was always told to be an engineer. A CareerFear workshop at my school helped me discover my passion for Medicine, which I’m studying now!

Jacob Yang, 19, CIS, Hong Kong

dentistry workshop hk


71% of secondary school students do not know what they want to study at university. In many countries, secondary school is a fork in the road where major career and life decisions are made, often uninformed. While many schools have robust and functional careers counselling and guidance facilitates, many do not. Students in underprivileged communities fall further behind because of this lack of access to careers departments, guidance, as well as to work experience opportunities. This is the problem.


CareerFear offers three main services. On this site, you can explore careers through our online library and learn about careers from real people. Secondly, we invite industry leaders from all sorts of backgrounds to come speak at underserved schools so all students can see what it really takes to succeed, and engage and network with people they might not otherwise meet. Finally, we connect talented secondary schoolers to internship opportunities that they might not otherwise have access to.  CareerFear has registration number 11280125.